Welcome to Saucy Ink!

We hope you like our new home, new name, and new capabilities. Just a few administrative details, summarized in one convenient location:

  • On your first visit, you’ll need to log in before you can post.
  • For you folks migrating from the Saucy Wenches forums, you can either use the new login system (called Engage), or you can use your “old” login name, but you will need to create a new password.
  • IMPORTANT: If you want to use the new login system, but keep your “old” display name, you will have to do the following:
    1. Create a new password for your old login.
    2. Login, and go to the WordPress Dashboard (link in upper left corner)
    3. Edit your User information to add a Nickname, and change your display name. Be sure you click the UPDATE button at the bottom of that page.
    4. Log out, and log in again using one of the six available social logins (Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.).
    5. If your displayed name is not what you want it to be, go to the WordPress User page and follow the same process you did in step 3 above. Save, and start posting!
  • If you’re looking for a list of forum rules, there isn’t one. We’re all adults here, so the expectation is everyone will act as such. However, to satisfy requirements of Facebook and other systems that allow you to log in here, we do have a privacy policy and terms of service, accessible from the site’s navigation menu.
  • These forums are your forums, so if you have any suggestions for new Forum Groups, or new forums within current groups, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.
  • If you need to get hold of one of us for any reason, an email to saucyink at gmail dot com will go to all three of us (Tami, Bre, and Steve).
  • Unfortunately, a rash of comment spammer registrations has forced us to require moderation of your first comment. Once that is done, comments are only held for moderation if they contain more than three links.